Webservice – web portal 24/7

Planned and designed for the specific competences, “webservice” is a web portal that enables customers or support centres to access the detailed documentation for each single machine: the construction drawing, electric diagram, list of spare parts, order confirmation, instructions manual, declaration of conformity and much more. The information is consequently always available and up-to-date, also when you are physically at the site of installation.

Enter WebService

Eurokey – Product selection software

In Euroklimat’s vast product range, this programme can search for, select and offer the appliance required to satisfy all needs. The endless options are extremely flexible: from silenced machines to heat recovery, from the simplest calculation with nominal conditions to more complex dimensioning ascribing the specific values of use, one click is all it takes to access clear, analytical answers.

After-sales service

Our organisation includes an office dedicated to after-sales technical support that is able to offer a great number of services, such as:

  • on-line technical service
  • Spare parts service
  • Technical intervention on site
  • Scheduled maintenance service
  • Customer training courses
  • External support centre training courses

Spare parts warehouse

The internal warehouse is divided into a central warehouse, which supplies the assembly lines, and the spare parts warehouse that can guarantee almost immediate availability of all “critical” components.